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The Infant Biocomputer
Stage 2: Stem Cells
Grafting of Neural Networks
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Brain Mind Robotics

"Silicon Valley" (Palo Alto - San Jose) California

We Are Building a Robotic Bio-Computer, Based on the Functional Neuroanatomy of the Human Brain, and Which Can Speak, Reason, Read, Understand Language, Experience Self-Consciousness and Human Emotions, Think Creatively, and Physically Interact with the Environment.

Brain Mind Robotics BioComputing, is a Series 1, Start-Up.

Compensation / Salary

If you are looking for a high paying "job" with lots of benefits, then keep looking. If you have a family to support, you can easily find a higher paying job elsewhere.

If you wish to be part of a revolution, in which we marry neuroscience with technology so as to create a robotic biocomputer that can walk, talk, think, reason, feel emotions, understand human language, and experience "self-consciousness", then keep reading.

We offer the same salary and compensation to all senior scientists and senior engineers (Level One: $100 K); and the same to all staff scientists and engineers (Level Two: $75 K); and the same to all technicians (Level Three). Everyone initially receives the same salary and equity depending on their background and experience.

1. There are no benefits packages.
2. Those with the same or similar amount of experience get paid exactly the same.
3. Remember: salary is a major part of a company's burn rate.
4. We offer equity of 0.05 to 0.075% (Depending on Level). What that equity is worth today, vs 3 years from now, will depend on what you, and our team, accomplish.
5. Initially, there will be daily reviews of performance; and after a few months the reviews will be once a week.
6. I do not provide over the shoulder supervision; only feedback and direction. You are the expert at what you do. I offer direction.
7. A once-a-year performance review will determine if the value of your compensation package (salary/equity) will be increased.
8. No one will get a raise before Series B funding is acquired.

How to Apply

1. Cover / Introductory Letter: Tell us about your background and why you are interested in creating a Robotic Biocomputer. Can you help build this? How? What can you do for us? Do not send a PDF of the cover letter. Type your Cover Letter in the body of the email. If you send a cover-letter-PDF along with a vitae-PDF, your application will not be reviewed

2. Resume: Email a PDF of your resume to: