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The Infant Biocomputer
Stage 2: Stem Cells
Grafting of Neural Networks
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Brain Mind Robotics - BioComputing
Product Market - Consumers

We Are Building a Robotic Bio-Computer, Based on the Functional Neuroanatomy of the Human Brain, and Which Can Speak, Reason, Read, Understand Language, Experience Self-Consciousness and Human Emotions, Think Creatively, and Physically Interact with the Environment.

Consumers - Market

Domestic Help The Robotic Bio-Computer will function as maid, butler, dishwasher, food preparer, and will clean the home, or office, wash and iron clothes, and take out the trash.

Nursing Assistants and Hospice Care The Robotic Bio-Computer will assist in all aspects of care for patients at home, or in the hospital: preparing patient meals, changing bed linen, carrying waste, changing dressings, and maintain cleanliness.

Companionship The Robotic Bio-Computer will be your "friend" and will listen and communicate, give advice and help solve problems, play games, and display a "dog-like" devotion.

Chauffeur Instead of a self-driving car, the Robotic Bio-Computer will function as a chauffeur and driver; will greet and assist passengers with their luggage and entering and exiting the vehicle; and can serve as a guide, companion, or security.

Security Guards The Robotic Bio-Computer will check identities, and will guard and patrol parking lots, warehouses, factories offices, and private homes.

Police and Soldiering The Robotic Bio-Computer will serve as police and soldiers and will stop crime, search for and arrest criminals, search and clear buildings, and subdue and capture terrorists or enemy soldiers.

Search and Rescue The Robotic Bio-Computer will be able to conduct search and rescue operations, be it at the bottom of a collapsed mine shaft, within the confines of a burning building, or deep with a terrorist's lair. And, The Robotic Bio-Computer can administer first aid and medical assistance, on site, to the injured.

Astronauts The Robotic Bio-Computer will be capable of exploring space, asteroids, and other planets, and perform scientific investigations. Long duration space flight is hazardous to human health; the effects of radiation and reduced gravity damaging bone, brain, and human tissue. Astronauts traveling to other worlds may also be exposed to biological contaminants resulting in disease and death. The Robotic Bio-Computer will be able to go where no man has gone before, explore, perform maintenance, conduct experiments, retrieve samples, and then report back to Earth all that is discovered.