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Stage 1:
The Infant Biocomputer
Stage 2: Stem Cells
Grafting of Neural Networks
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Brain Mind Robotics

"Silicon Valley" (Palo Alto - San Jose) California

We Are Building a Robotic Bio-Computer, Based on the Functional Neuroanatomy of the Human Brain, and Which Can Speak, Reason, Read, Understand Language, Experience Self-Consciousness and Human Emotions, Think Creatively, and Physically Interact with the Environment.

We Are Hiring Engineers With Experience In Computer Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Creation of Auditory and Visual Platforms For Speech, Object, and Face Recognition.

STAGE 1: The creation of a stand-alone unit which is programmed to "reflexively" respond to simple visual and auditory stimuli, and to "reflexively" move the "eyes", turn the "head", open and close the "mouth" and its "hands", and make sucking, chewing, swallowing, swimming, and leg-lifting stepping movements, and to raise its "arms" and touch its "mouth" and "face."

Auditory & Speech Learning Engineers--Robotics--Qualifications

Extensive knowledge and working experience in AI, machine learning, statistical inference, speech recognition, natural language processing and computational cognitive science.
At least 3-5 years US working experience in deep learning, machine learning, NLP, and auditory or speech recognition.
Hands on experience with Deep Learning tools such as Caffe, TensorFlow.
Familiarity with implementing algorithms on multi-core CPUs, clusters (MPI), GPUs.
Experience in end-to-end AI based solutions, either cloud based or device intensive computations. Excellent programming skills: C/C++, CUDA, and python.
Experience with developing Visual and Face detection software/hardware, visual tracking, and image classification and recognition.
Ability to develop Machine Learning Algorithms.
Knowledge of Machine Learning toolkits such as Tensor-flow, Caffe, NLTK, THEANO.
Grasp of Linux and database technologies.
Programming experience in one or more of the following: C, C++, scala, R, Python, Objective-C, Swift Develop realistic AI/machine learning solutions.
AI assisted data mining, social mining, information classification, Knowledge graph etc.
AI assisted decision-making, optimization for robotics.
Ability to build and maintain integrations with voice platforms such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.